The Afflicted, Battered, and Bruised

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Restoration for the Abused

“I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Job 1:5) God made this statement to a broken man.  A man who had lost everything: sons, daughters, money, home, health, and friends.  A man who loved God, was favored by God, but also was allowed to be tested by God.  You may have felt forsaken, forgotten, battered, bruised, alone, helpless, used, and broken.  This simple verse carries so much meaning and kept me hopeful during difficult times.  This verse sustained me when I felt no love from others, used by some, manipulated by the enemy and rejected by the church. “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  God is faithful.

There are numerous Biblical accounts of women who were afflicted, used, enslaved, hurt, rebuked, mistreated and raped. I’ve read these accounts and thought to myself, “Why Lord?  I do not understand.”  I have family members and friends who were either raped, molested by trusted adults, abused sexually, physically assaulted by boyfriends, verbally abused, neglected ,and rejected by husbands.  I’ve listened, cried, loved and prayed for those closest to me. The hurt is real, so painful there are no words to describe or are spoken.  Just tears, just anguish, just pain from a broken heart and spirit.

My sweet sister in Christ, whose heart is so tender, so broken, I understand the very mention of memories, a look, touch, smell can send a quick flinch or chill, and the healing for unanswered questions or forgiveness seems unattainable or out of reach.  But, there is hope in Jesus Christ.  I pray you do not believe for one second the selfish, depraved and sinful mind of man is the portrait of God. I pray you do not believe the evil in the world is an exact replica of God. That is a lie.  If one’s pain can bring ten, hundreds, thousands or even millions to a life of healing, a relationship with Christ and Heaven’s door open for them, then what the enemy uses for harm, God uses for good.

A friend of mine, whose husband packed the family up and moved to a different state, manipulated her in moving, joined a cult and was determined to give her two toddler daughters to this ungodly group. Isolating her from her family and friends, leaving her alone in an apartment for months, God allowed her escape. While her husband was in the shower, my friend grabbed only the diaper bag and her two daughters, keys in hand, drove to a women’s shelter for safety. What the enemy uses for harm, God uses for good.

A friend of mine was physically abused, but more so mentally battered by her Christian husband. The marriage ended, but the pain and hurt is still there. Trusting God for a godly, Christian man is still painful, but she presses forward. Believing and hoping in something she can not see, but has the faith God will provide. What the enemy has attempted to destroy, God is using for good.

A family member of mine was addicted to drugs. Living with addicted dealers and accompanying them for selling their substances, she was almost given sexually for payment of a ball of cocaine. She tells me her dealer boyfriend looked at her a long time once the request was made at a random infested, hapless home. Helpless, alone with two men who were looking at her, one with intend to sexually abuse, the other looking and deciding her fate for money. God intervened, stepped in and dissipated the horror that probably would have left her completely broken in a dirty, filthy random floor. She was sexually abused by her boyfriends and has suffered the consequences hence forth. She laid her head in my lap one night and cried. I am still praying for her salvation, and I believe what the enemy has tried to destroy, God will use for good.

The woman raped to death in the book of Judges 19 is an example of the same rape existing today in sex trafficking and brothels around the world.  Where in the mind does one man think he can take another and use them for his sick pleasure, taking the innocence from a small child, manipulating them into sexual abuse and beating them into submission and fear?  The enemy has tried to destroy the heart and spirit of a woman since the Garden of Eden.  Eve, innocent and beguiled, Satan will stop at nothing to destroy what God’s deems as beautiful.  Why has the devil set out on a destructive rampage to kill, destroy and shame women since the beginning? Why would he hate us so much?

Woman was the final creation of God. I once heard John and Stacey Elderidge explain it as woman was created not as an afterthought, but as a final crowning of God’s masterpiece. I believe she is beautiful, giving life to God’s children and able to give man such pleasure. She is warm, soft, enticing and has a heart to love. Satan was considered the most beautiful angel, but when God made woman, he trumped this prideful angel with a soft curves, a gentle spirit, a miraculous life giving womb and the desire of her husband. Satan does not hold a candle to a woman of God; her beauty has surpassed his and the devil will hold at nothing to destroy this innocence and beauty God created and formed in the womb. To hold the memories, to hate, to let your life succumb to bitterness, and cursing God allows the enemy to stick the final dagger in for his victory and succession in your life and family’s.  But there is One who understands your pain. One who suffered the hurt of rejection, abuse, beating and suffocation for all mankind.  He was rejected by his people; He was bruised for our transgressions, whipped for all to see (Isaiah 53).  He suffered as no other person has ever suffered. Christ came down, in the form of a man, and suffered to understand our pain, hurt, tears, and shame.  He knows how you feel.

Jesus suffered the cat of nine tails ripping apart His flesh, but uttered no word. He was beaten and mocked for another’s pleasure. He was rejected, cursed, and hung an excruciating death on the cross, not for man’s satisfaction, but to save man’s soul.  He understands physical pain.  Christ understands your rejection, abandonment, and asked the same question, “My God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46)  Jesus experienced something no one else has ever, total separation from God. Christ, selflessly, suffered. The Living God, where no other religion can claim, came down to this sinful earth, and walked to understand how you feel.  Suffered to understand the human heart, pain and hurt Satan attempts to destroy us with.  Yes, Jesus of Nazareth knows how you feel.

During a very challenging time in my walk with the Lord, where I felt no one understood what I was going through, God spoke to my spirit.  “Your heart and spirit are wounded.  I can mend the wound, but there will be a scar.  At times, it will be tender to the touch, but will one day be completely healed.” These scars on my heart are my testimony.

I am so thankful for the words of Christ on the cross, “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34)  Forgive them. The very ones who ripped him apart, the ones who mocked, spit and cursed Him.  The very ones who nailed Him to a cross where also laid on the cross, but in a very different way.  Christ died so we are saved through His sacrificial offering, His precious, sinless blood and resurrected for our salvation.  I lay the ones who have hurt me at the cross; I pray the ones who have rejected me God’s forgiveness and those who have mocked and laughed at me blessing them from the cross.  I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, including forgiveness (Philippians 4:13).  My scars are there, but the healing through God’s power is nothing short of joy.  I am no longer bitter, angry or resentful.  I am pressing forward, believing in, and holding on to God’s Word of redemption that it will never return void (Isaiah 55:11).

Has someone killed or darkened your dreams?  He can restore them.  Has someone taken your innocence? Christ makes all things clean. Has someone physically tormented you?  Take His yoke for His light, easy and not hard, harsh, sharp and pressing (Matthew 11:28-30).  Forgive them.  Through forgiveness and letting God heal those wounds whether physically, mentally, spiritually or psychologically, doesn’t remove the memories, but will cover those scars with the blood of His Son.  How does the healing begin?

Praying, reading God’s Word, serving and gleaning from other godly women will allow God to begin laying a foundation of a healing process like no other. Step by step, the wounds will begin to heal. Prayer by prayer, the burden will be lifted. Give him your pain, tell him you are hurt and be as Mary of Bethany anointing Christ with a beautiful prayer, asking for healing. Bring your pain to the cross and lay it down! When you do this, God may bring memories so deep rooted your heart is surprised they surfaced. The memories may still be fresh in your mind or your spirit still tender, only the gentle hand of Christ could ever touch something so broken The Lord will begin a courtship with you.  Christ will woo you so lovingly, so gently, so beautifully it can honestly bring you to tears.  There were memories, emotions, situations that have happened to me I wish to forget.   My friends and family would tell you it was hard to forget the one who molested, hard to forgive the violent hands, hard to let go of the rape still fresh in the mind from someone else’s selfish lack of control and difficult to forgive being the brunt of another’s sick, ungodly pleasure. But, they did.

God needs you and your precious story of redemption.  When you are able to know Christ and His healing hands, His love for you and the plan for your life, to suppress this truth is uncontainable. This mystery the Apostle Paul writes about in his letters to the churches, explains God’s love and no matter the pain, you will find yourself able to forgive, to abound more in love and become a prisoner of Christ. There will always be another woman, another daughter, another wife, another young girl suffering, just as you did. These women need your voice. They need to hear how God saves, how Christ gives them beauty for ashes, turns evil into good. There will always be another abuse, another rape, another used, another manipulated and another woman rejected. Will you be the arms that accept them? Will you be the courageous one who tells her story? Will you be the bold one who takes a stand for those who have no voice or no one to stand with? I pray you cast all fear, anxiety, and anger aside, pick up your cross and carry it. Your testimony of Christ will heal another woman’s life. I pray you be a blessing to those in need.

For my precious sister who needs Christ’s healing, for restoration, and revival of your spirit to boldly proclaim your testimony, boasting in Christ Jesus, open your heart to the Living God and pray. Give your heart to Him in closing those wounds, leaving a scar, a testimony in planting a harvest for His Kingdom

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