Prayer for the New Believer

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I am so thankful for Your love. My heart overflows with joy, thanksgiving, and a new-ness only understood through Christ. Thank You for accepting me the way that I am, with all of my faults, all of my sins, and all of my worldly ways. I am thankful for Your grace.

I pray this day I follow Christ and You alone. I pray to begin a relationship, a courtship, and a lasting connection until I am brought me home. I pray I can let go of worldly desires, wrong thinking, wrong emotions, while reading the Word with all of it’s power and promises.

Give me the strength for each day to grow, to learn, and to know Christ in a deeper way. Bring me to the church Lord want me to attend; a church alive to worship, prayer, the Holy Spirit, and Scripture. Help me to find a group where I can meet new Christians and seasoned elders to teach, pray, and encourage my walk. I pray to be unashamed and stand for Christ telling other people my testimony too. In the name of Jesus of Nazareth I pray, amen


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