The Psalm 17:8 Woman; the Apple of God’s Eye

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I have read the Psalms a hundred times.  Like you, I can read Scriptures and miss amazing opportunities to see what God is showing me.  While reading Psalm 17, in the Amplified Bible, a footnote caught my eye.  Verses 8 and 9 read,  “Keep me [in your affectionate care, protect me] as the apple of your eye; hide me in the [protective] shadow of your wings from the wicked who despoil and deal violently with me, my deadly enemies who surround me.” The footnote for verse 8 adds,  the pupil, the daughter of the eye.

There is another verse regarding the  “apple of God’s eye,”  in which I absolutely think is beautiful. Deuteronomy 32:9-14 reads,  “For the Lord’s portion and chosen share is His people;  Jacob (Israel) is the allotment of His inheritance.  God found him in a desert land,  in the howling wasteland of a wilderness; the Lord kept circling him, and he took care of him, God protected him as the apple of His eye.  As an eagle that protects its nest,  that flutters over its young,  He spread out His wings and took them;  God carried them on His pinions.”  I think the visual Moses gives is compassionate and lovely.  As a majestic eagle tenderly cares for her chicks, the Lord does the same, encircling and protecting, His daughters.

I wanted to add this short post because it reminded me to slow down, take God’s Word verse by verse, and meditate on what the Lord is saying.  I can skim quickly, jump to another chapter, and think to myself,  “I already know this,”  all the while neglecting my spirit.

I want to encourage you, as I encourage myself.  Slow down, take a deep breath, and quiet your heart in the presence of God.  Let Him show you amazing Scriptures in His Word.  Allow Him to refresh and revive your heart with testimonies and parables from Christ’s ministry.  Give Him the time to heal your mind from all the busyness we subject our thoughts to. Open the door and permit God to shine a light in your heart where Scripture has the power to heal our deepest wounds.

I pray this post has reminded you, time with the Lord is precious.  Renew, refresh, and revive your life one verse at time.  Slow down and enjoy the quiet, the conversation, and the response the Lord is revealing to you.  As this Psalm opened my heart, the Lord will ALWAYS give you what you need at the right moment.

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