Nicole Crivello was born in Norfolk, VA. She moved extensively in her younger years through the beautiful states of Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri. She graduated from Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, MO with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology the spring of 1998.

Nicole was accepted in to the Officer program through the United States Navy, completing Officer Candidate School in November of 1998. She received her diploma from Surface Warfare Officer School in Newport, Rhode Island and was stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1999-2000. Nicole was the Gunnery Officer aboard the USS Fletcher DD-992. She was honorably, medically discharged in the fall of 2000 with vertigo and migraines. It was in Hawaii where she met her husband, Thomas Crivello, a native of Brooklyn, NY.

Moving to south Florida with her husband in 2002 from Staten Island, NY, Nicole attended Florida Atlantic University to achieve her Masters in Family Counseling. Pregnant with her second child, she put on hold her desire to help women for her own growing family. It was after the birth of her second child she experienced a post partum depression, which led her back to the church for healing.

It was through Christ’s healing she experienced a personal relationship with her Savior. Full of zeal for God’s love of women and her desire to help those troubled with problems, Nicole attained her Masters in Divinity from Newbury Theological Seminary and College of the Bible. She began a mission to help other woman who may have suffered the same problems through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nicole began writing and posting online what the Lord had put in her heart for women to do something “One a Day” glorifying God. Whether it be memorizing a verse, chapter, volunteering, helping, teaching, or praying, Nicole encourages women to spend time with the Lord doing something for Him each day. She has written six books, covering over one hundred and fifteen women in the Bible who have affected her own life. “Every woman can find a Biblical woman they can relate to. The two women who touched my life the most were the woman at the well and the sinful woman who washed Christ feet.”

Along with encouraging women, Nicole is the mother of three children: Nicholas, Maddie, and Matthew. She homeschools each one with the desire for them to reach their fullest potential in the gifts God has given them. Her daughter Maddie was a published author by the age of ten! Nicole enjoys spending time with her family, time with friends, quiet and studying with the Lord, worshiping to praise music, and movie night with her husband Tommy.

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